A family business which started in 1962 with the construction of the Rez Masud Gallery and the Sussex Hotel in downtown Mendoza. The construction of department buildings in the heart of the Fifth Section -a residential area par excellence in the city of Mendoza- took place sometime later.  

With the family experience in the construction and commercial exploitation of these properties, Antonio Rez Masud (junior) makes his way as a real estate broker and becomes a reference as a realtor.

Lucas joined the business as an architect in 2012, bringing with him knowledge of architectural design and construction.

Together they understood that the market demanded services that merged their specialties. They develop proposals for real estate investments that integrate a commercial and architectural vision together with construction management.

Rez Masud

Sworn Auctioneer – Register number 1998. Real Estate Broker – Register number 069.

He received his professional training at San Francisco University, Mendoza, ARG. He has worked as a real estate broker since 1986 and in 1988 he founded Rez Masud Inmobiliaria. 

He is an appraiser for the Fondo Provincial para la Transformación y el Crecimiento de Mendoza (Growth and Transformation Fund of Mendoza) and for Cuyo Aval SRL.

In addition to his extensive experience in the real estate business, Antonio stands out as a drummer and percussionist.

Rez Masud

Architect – Register number 3004

He studied Architecture, Urbanism and Design at the Mendoza University (Mendoza, ARG.).

He also completed his Postgraduate Degree in Project Management and Administration at the National University of Cuyo (Mendoza, ARG.).

He has been working as an architect since 2009 and started his activity in Rez Masud Real Estate in 2012, bringing an air of renewal and new visions.

His love for tennis since he was a child shaped his disciplined and tenacious character.

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